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Hmmm...its nice to feel rewarded so I'm starting a donation pool. Any contribution will be much appreciated! I will probably use the points to donate to other causes and/or contests. Thanks!

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Goodnight, goodmorning, goodbye
United States
Oh yeah...This picture doesn't really describe me...but I did draw it so its my representative, haha.


Once I like a couple, it's hard for me to switch over, seriously. I may like more than one pairing, but I'm usually dedicated. My favorite pairing are....

AerithxCloud (FFVII),
UlrikaxRoze (Mana Khemia 2),
JungoxAiri (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2)
Feelingshipping/YellowxGreen, Luckyshipping/RedxBlue, Folkloreshipping/MortyxLyra (Pokespe/Pokemon),
CagallixAthrun, KiraxLacus, ShinnxLunamaria (Gundam Seed/Destiny),
SaitoxChizuru!, ChikagexChizuru, along with SanosukexChizuru and HeisukexChizuru (Hakuouki)
TsukikoxRyuunosuke, TsukikoxKotarou (Starry Sky)
ZukoxToph, AangxKatara, SokkaxSuki (Avatart The Last Airbender)

i have more, but I can't remember haha. Anyways, I use a tablet but I have Photoshop something and i can't really do any lineart, but oh well, I have fun.

uhhh...I also love pajamas, and cute things. For some odd reason, I like drawing faces and half bodies. Drawing the full thing is difficult for me so I usuall try to avoid it.
I also write fanfiction for my OTPS!
So, I've been following the newest Atelier game in the making: Atelier Escha & Logy.
It follows two protagonists as forementioned above. Not much is known about it yet, but I can't wait for it's release! I'm sure it will also be ported to America by NIS America, but the wait is killing me.
Also, there's a bundle version where you can get Mana Khemia 2 as a classic on the PS3.
I really really want that. I think the reason behind that is because MK2 followed two protagonists as well and it plays differently depending on whose route you take.
Anyways, I'm just so excited about the new game and it already has an opening featuring Escha and Logy. They are the only ones so far, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe this time around, there is a possible ending with each other.
Unlike MK2 it might be possible to have endings with the other party? Well, i don't think there are gonna be separate parties in this game, but I'd be happy if they just had an ending together.
The opening is making suspect such and I am internally and now externally routing for a romantic end.


:iconfireemblem-club: :iconnatsuxlisanna: :icongraylu-fans: :icongraylu-grayxlucy: :icongrayfullbusterfans: :iconkskm2: :iconfz-gilgameshfc: :iconfatezerofc: :iconmemories-of-rokushi: :iconxion-x-roxas-fc: :iconatla-multishippers: :iconaangxkatara-fans: :iconzuko-fans: :icontoph-fans: :icontoph-and-zuko-fans: :icontoko-fans: :iconabel-x-esther-love: :icontrinity--blood: :iconnis-fanclub: :iconcleris-cloti-united: :iconaerisxtifa: :icondevil-survivor-1and2: :iconblackking-whitequeen: :icondevilsurvivor-fc: :iconnaoto-shirogane-fan: :iconakihiko-sanada-club: :iconfemcxakihiko: :iconpersona-pairings: :iconsouji-setafc: :iconpersona-fans: :iconhakuouki-shinsengumi: :iconagencyshipping: :icongreen-fc: :iconhakuouki-club: :iconhakuouki: :iconliam-lunettes-fc: :iconprinceelfangel: :iconbrawlboysunite: :iconrufus-barma-fc: :iconpandorahearts-club:


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thank you for the favorite!
MarissaJuliet Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
If you dont mind I added you to my watch list because your opinions were utterly flawless on that journal page ^-^
lol not at all. I'm glad that you liked my post. Honestly I got a message that I didn't quite get and it really frustrated me because it felt like I was getting attacked for something I didn't even mention. It was something that was definitely part of the main topic of the journal, yet it wasn't something I addressed in my post, but it was suddenly sprung on me and it felt like I suddenly had to start defending myself for liking Gray and GrayLu.
MarissaJuliet Feb 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You shouldnt put too much attention against that NaLu fan. In another page he questioned me on why I like Gray as a character. He seems to be insecure and jealous that people favour other characters over his, always annoyingly forcing Natsu down people's throats. I must say you gave him a classy response because if I was in your position, Id give him a blunt response and harshly question why he likes Natsu and annoy the crap out of him lol. See, he hasnt responded to you anymore because he has nothing left to say. Anyway,I cant wait for Gray to meet Silver, Im sure it will be great since I love Gray's character so much C:
Wow, I just went back to look at the topic, I didn't realize that person has been spamming it into pages. I came in late and didn't read all the comments before hand, but now that I've looked into that person a bit I don't mind that he/she fans over Natsu, but he's really shoving it at people...
Anyway, back to Gray where all my happiness lies lol
I can't wait for him to meet Silver either. I really want to know what their connection is. 
(1 Reply)
Cyber-Meta Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry it was late... :iconraze-worriedplz:

But happy birthday :iconaliceisgladplz:
Lawman09 Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ummm, i'm not sure what you want me to do lol. I don't really get the point of the icons. It's really cute though
Lawman09 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was saying 'thanks for the fave'~
ooohhhhh, hahah, sorry. you are welcome. Even though I've been on this site for a few years, I never really got use to using the things they have around.
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