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Hmmm...its nice to feel rewarded so I'm starting a donation pool. Any contribution will be much appreciated! I will probably use the points to donate to other causes and/or contests. Thanks!

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[REQ]Prizesketch-PrinceNoctisLucisCaelum - Lirsya by KuniPuni
[REQ]Prizesketch-PrinceNoctisLucisCaelum - Lirsya
Just finished a prize sketch for our first place contestant in the Mana Khemia OST contest, Lirsya :iconlirsya:
Congrats and thanks for the beautiful work! I hope you will continue to participate!
I'm sorry that it took so long to fulfill your request!
As you have asked, Noctis in more princely attire!
To be honest I was going to draw him more formally dressed but I thought it would take away his more modernized feel. That and I couldn't come up with anything else, sorry >.<
Also I would like to apologize for his pose, I couldn't do anything to fix him or his hands.
Mana Khemia 1+2: [Dynasty] Dinogroove by KuniPuni
Mana Khemia 1+2: [Dynasty] Dinogroove
So here's another Mana Khemia art for yah!
This was originally meant to be entered into the OST contest but I was too lazy to finish it and waited until now to do so. 
Anyway, titled after the soundtrack 'Dinogroove' 
I was inspired by the track and title . Dino ->Dynasty.... weird I know! I am a fan of Dynasty warriors and because the word Dino and Dyna(sty) are sort of similar, I wanted to throw in a bit of dynastic influence, although I didn't do too well on it.
Anyway, dragons!!! This stemmed from Zhao Yun's armor and my love for him and dragons XD.

[Update: 4/22] Also I went back to adjust the lighting because I felt there was too much contrast in lights and it might be too bright.
Characters starting from the top left: [Mana Khemia 1]
Flay Gunnar/Gunnar Damm
Roxis Rosenkrantz
Vayne Aurelius

Top Right: [Mana Khemia 2]
Rozeluxe/Razeluxe Meitzen
Rewrich/Reicher Wallach

They do not belong to me TT.TT

Characters are from Mana Khemia, an excellent JRPG
Mana Khemia 1&2 (c) Gust, Co. and NISAmerica.
[OC] Ruen by KuniPuni
[OC] Ruen
Hey guys, this is my original OC, Ruen!
I've wanted to draw him for a long time and I finally did. I have a few sketches of him, but they're in my sketchbook. I designed him years ago but never put him up. 
So this is my first time introducing him!

Anyway, I wasn't going to reveal him but I thought I want to show his face so bad >.< so I went ahead and did lol.
If you guys can't read what it says in the pic, here goes:
Name/Alias: Ruen (full name still unknown) 
Gender: Male
Age: 24?
Likes: Honest people
Dislikes: Liars/Traitors, close minded people
Hobbies: Dressing up (part of his job)
About: Ruen is somewhat mysterious. His face is hidden most of the time because of his job, but he doesn't really mind. When he dresses up, gender doesn't matter. He'll walk down a street and still get hit on no matter what.
Job: Part of an independent unit under the King! Uniform changes daily depending on their squad leaders mind.

Story: Ruen is one of the main characters. He meets the Heroine (Noah) on a collaborating assignment. Due to his squads unique fashion sense, they are often avoided, but Noah is one of the few people who find him interesting and gradually forms a bond. His squad is under the direct command of the King and is actually an intelligence/infiltration squad. Because no one really knows what they look like, it makes it easy for them to slip in an out under many disguises. He eventually shows Noah his appearance after she figures out his true identity, a feat no one had done before. 
After learning his true identity, Noah becomes his closest confident and relies on her as a friend to keep even bigger secrets.
[Req] OC: Sheldon and Strom - Floryone-XDD by KuniPuni
[Req] OC: Sheldon and Strom - Floryone-XDD
Finally done!
Sketch prize for :iconfloryone-xdd:
Character's do not belong to me! They are the creations of Floryone-XDD.
The OC's are Sheldon the guy with the guns (I'm so sorry I can't draw guns!!!)
and Strom, the younger boy on the bottom. Don't really know how old they are so I'm sorry if their depiction isn't accurate.

They were very fun to draw! I couldn't choose one and ended up drawing both characters, hope that's okay...
Had some trouble with guns and their faces lol and left bg white cause I didn't want to mess it up further.


KuniPuni's Profile Picture
Goodnight, goodmorning, goodbye
United States
Oh yeah...This picture doesn't really describe me...but I did draw it so its my representative, haha.


Once I like a couple, it's hard for me to switch over, seriously. I may like more than one pairing, but I'm usually dedicated. My favorite pairing are....

AerithxCloud (FFVII),
UlrikaxRoze (Mana Khemia 2),
JungoxAiri (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2)
Feelingshipping/YellowxGreen, Luckyshipping/RedxBlue, Folkloreshipping/MortyxLyra (Pokespe/Pokemon),
CagallixAthrun, KiraxLacus, ShinnxLunamaria (Gundam Seed/Destiny),
SaitoxChizuru!, ChikagexChizuru, along with SanosukexChizuru and HeisukexChizuru (Hakuouki)
TsukikoxRyuunosuke, TsukikoxKotarou (Starry Sky)
ZukoxToph, AangxKatara, SokkaxSuki (Avatart The Last Airbender)

i have more, but I can't remember haha. Anyways, I use a tablet but I have Photoshop something and i can't really do any lineart, but oh well, I have fun.

uhhh...I also love pajamas, and cute things. For some odd reason, I like drawing faces and half bodies. Drawing the full thing is difficult for me so I usuall try to avoid it.
I also write fanfiction for my OTPS!
Hey guys I hope you are having a fun summer vacation! As for me it's been pretty dull since all i got over going on is work and then home again I am. Quite the daily routine that is...

Anyway, I don't post very often as you can tell, but I thought this might be what I need to kick off my summer. I am thinking of drawing again to pass the time. Question is, what should I draw?

Rather than setting up a poll I'm just going to wait for some suggestions lol.
if I like the idea I will probably give it a try so I might take on more than one project. Depending on the number of suggestions/projects I may spend less time and effort on them. I may just do quick sketches.

That's all I have to say for now and I thank anyone willing to help me out of my boredom. Let's all enjoy the day and have a beautiful summer.
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