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About me???? I draw for fun and my work usually revolves around pairings I like. I'm horrible at coloring and drawing landscape which is why you will mostly see empty space, the other reason being that I lack creativity and am bad at using tools. I'm also not very tech literate so I'm no good at html and whatever the basics are these days. Uhh, lighting and shading are also not my thing XD As you may have figured, I'm no professional hahaha, but I do find peace in drawing which is why I still do to this day. I'm also not very good at picking up new things so I have a hard time learning to use programs.
I can list a lot more of my flaws, but then I would sound really depressing.
What I can say about myself is that once I love something, I'm pretty hardcore and passionate about it. I try not to hurt others or offend them if opinions clash and try to understand why it may be so even if we can't come to an agreement. Agree to disagree I guess?
Anyway, I'm dedicated to my OTPs, but every now and then I have room for alternate pairings.


Once I like a couple, it's hard for me to switch over, seriously. I may like more than one pairing, but I'm usually dedicated. My favorite pairing are....

AerithxCloud (FFVII),
VaynexNikki, VaynexPamela, VaynexAnna, RoxisxJess, AnnaxReicher (mk1xmk2) (Mana Khemia),
UlrikaxRoze (Mana Khemia 2),
JungoxAiri, HibikixMiyako (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2)
Feelingshipping/YellowxGreen, Luckyshipping/RedxBlue, Folkloreshipping/MortyxLyra (Pokespe/Pokemon),
CagallixAthrun, KiraxLacus, ShinnxLunamaria (Gundam Seed/Destiny),
SaitoxChizuru!, ChikagexChizuru, along with SanosukexChizuru and HeisukexChizuru (Hakuouki)
TsukikoxRyuunosuke, TsukikoxKotarou (Starry Sky)
ZukoxToph, AangxKatara, SokkaxSuki (Avatart The Last Airbender)
BanxElaine, MeliodasxElizabeth, KingxDiane (Seven Deadly Sins)
KurosukexKukuri, YashiroxNeko (Project K?)
i have more, but I can't remember haha. Anyways, I use a tablet but I have Photoshop something and i can't really do any lineart, but oh well, I have fun.

uhhh...I also love pajamas, and cute things. For some odd reason, I like drawing faces and half bodies. Drawing the full thing is difficult for me so I usuall try to avoid it.
I also write fanfiction for my OTPS!


FFVII: AngelAerith by KuniPuni
FFVII: AngelAerith
Haven't submitted anything in a while.
This was actually done at the end of last year but I didn't finish cleaning it and relining it. Don't think I will so I'm just gonna submit it XD
Drew it for the holiday and because in December there was a Clerith event but I didn't have time for it. I was only able to draw Aerith and not Cloud, however this was meant to be a pair with Cloud or atleast there was meant to be a connection.

My favorite girl of the Final Fantasy Series, respectively VII, Aerith Gainsborough.
I've been in love with her since I was a little girl and even now my heart beats for her.
Can't wait for the remake! More Aerith and Cloud action in 3D. <---Clerith is forever my OTP.
Oh and uh, I may be a  few days late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED AERITH!!! 
  • Listening to: l Like 2 Party - Jay Park
  • Reading: my text books T_T
  • Watching: The Flash (Tv Series)
  • Playing: Soccer Spirits (phone app, Awesome game!)
  • Eating: Kapoon
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016   Writer
LOL, darn you Aerith, why did you heal the freaking machine????…

Awww, I wish parody people would stop demeaning Aerith's character into a brainless moron, she is badass, and can kick ass, and be awesome. IDK why, she's picked on a lot. It's almost insulting if you ask me. I know this is all fun and games, but come on now. It's like turning Cloud into a gay lord. . . Oh wait. XD. JK. 
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016   Writer
LOL. Cloud is going to have a nosebleed. XDDD.…
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016   Writer
Hey, I found another cute pic of little Cloud for a reference: I'd say this pic of little Cloud is cuuuuuute!!!!…

Screw tifa. :chainsaw: 
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016   Writer
Hmmm, what Aerith's hair was styled like this but with yellow lily flowers in her hair?
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016   Writer
YEEEEEEEEEEEEES,Cloud returns!!! I knew he and Sephiroth would though. >w<…

Can SE please invent my idea for Aerith's new outfit?? Please? She wears this, but no hat, and no um green diamond circlet thingy on her head. Her hair is prettier curled that way, and doesn't have to have the end of her hair tied into a full braid anyway. And umm, she carries her metal rod too, for combat. Although a nice yellow lily themed keyblade would be better. 
But nooo, SE doesn't want to power up Aerith or any other Final Fantasy character by giving them awesome keyblades. Not fair. :P So psyched to see Cloud and Aerith again, just hope Aerith's outfit at least will look different, and prettier looking. Yeah, um please see this picture sometime SE, I'd say its now my version of Aerith's new outfit, and kill the hat, and that diamond circlet thingie and we can call it good for Aerith's new outfit, that will make Cloud drool.…

Uuugh, too bad I won't get a PS4 like I want. It's too expensive, besides I still love my PS3 that my little brother and I have. I guess I'll just wait and watch KH3 gameplay, but this isn't stopping me from writing my own take on what happens in KH3. :love:
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016   Writer
OMG, after you draw the Cloud x Aerith as kids. I want another request, er if that's okay, with Aerith in this outfit, so it would be her cuuute Kingdom hearts 3 outfit, minus the hat and the jeweled head piece:…

With Cloud:…

Maybe they are in this pose after being reunited:…

Nah this pose:…

I like that pose, because its an almost kiss and they are gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. 

Cloud: Aerith, I was so worried about you. Why did you come for me? 

Aerith: I feared I would be too late, and Sephiroth would have- 

(then they kiss) 

Although I like this pose too:…

Cloud: Why did you-

Aerith: (smiles) I came for you, I didn't want you to fight alone anymore. Silly. 

Despite that, I really like this pic for their poses:… 
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016   Writer
I like this design for kid Cloud. :D Aerith meets Cloud in a similar way.…

But Cloud wears a white t shirt instead. :D But he still looks like a cute 13 year old. 

Hnn, I'm thinking these would be Cloud and Aerith's as kids poses:…

Hmm, or maybe these poses: 

And umm there's a sunset in the background, except they are in a flower field: 


Cloud blushes looking away as he holds flowers to Aerith, that she had dropped, and says his name. Aerith giggles saying, "I like that name. Its as pretty as the sky." 
Which makes Cloud blush more, and scratch the side of his face. Awww. :love: 
KuniPuni Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you have another link to the poses? Sorry I always check too late and they expire >.<
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016   Writer
Hmmm, let me try to find them. I'm going to find a better one. 

For older Aerith and Cloud right? 

Okay maybe this pose, except Cloud is looking lovingly into Aerith's eyes, and Aerith is blushing too, their faces are close, but are about to kiss. :D

I'm a sucker for couples giving each other the loving glance before they kiss. XD.…

Almost forgot, please give Aerith shiny pink lips. :D Hoping that link works better. 
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016   Writer
How long kid Aerith's hair is:…

So it goes pass her shoulders but its not that long. XD. And she has a cute braid in the front, that goes to her shoulder. How pretty Aerith is. XD.… 
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